I've started a Podcast!

Content is super important to stay relevant on the internet today.

I've done a poor job in that department. 

I've been sitting on a podcast idea for a few months now and decided to just start doing it and not spend too much time worrying on perfection. I love watching shows evolve and grow over time so I used that as the drive to start it. 

My podcast is called Take 25. 

It will be just like most podcasts and talk about current news in technology, as well as movies, anime, comics, TV shows, apps, and music. I also want to cover news about Arkansas. The idea came that I'm from AR and my friends who are working on this with me are from AR, so we should talk about the cool things going on here. Take 25 has a technology feel to it, plus Arkansas is the 25th state.

The full length podcast isn't out yet, but I have started the Take 25 short. This will be a micro piece covering just a single piece of news. In episode 1, I talk about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. 

Take a look below and be sure to subscribe and comment to the question of the day :)