2014 has been an amazing year, but it's time to get in gear for 2015.

I normally have a lot of "resolutions" but stating so many things now doesn't make much sense. It's almost like I'm setting myself up for failure. 

Next year I want to keep this list short. Here we go:

- Simplify my work load. I started looking at all the apps I have in the market and realize that this was weighing me down. Many of my apps have not been touched in a year+. I decided to pull many of them that aren't getting any downloads and focus on the ones that are. I think this will take away a lot of stress and help me focus on things that are important and provide better products for my customers. I've also cleaned out all my inboxes so I'm not stressed when I look through my email. Doing this already has made a huge difference in my productivity level. I'm also updating my computers and cleaning up all old files. Sometime soon I will update my iMac's and MacBook Pro's RAM to 16 GB. 

- Hustle. I need to step up my game next year. I want to be the best at what I do but in order to that I need to cut out some of the "time-killing" things that I do that hurt me in the long run. My goal is Monday - Friday no TV / movies / games (even though I don't game very much). I want all my attention in the week to be on my work. I want to put as many hours in on these days as I can. Even if it's 6am - midnight each day. I know I can do this. Saturday will be an in between day. If my wife is working, I'll work. Other than that this day will be used to spend time with my wife and family as well as clean house or any other weekly chores I have. Sunday is my 'off-the-grid' day. My goal for Sundays is no internet (in terms of work). I'll use this day to just binge on any shows I watch, spend time with my wife, and relax.

- Improve my health. Yes, I know... the typical "go to the gym" resolution. Health is important. I fell behind on my health in 2014. I went to the gym a few times and I also didn't eat as well as I should have been. My wife and I discussed this and we'll use each other as motivators to go the gym together on a regular basis. We also plan to start cooking more and eating better. This will help us save money from eating out so much. I also plan on only eating out once a week (Mon - Fri). Saturday may be an eat out day if we know we'll be out doing things. Sunday is normally a stay-in day and we don't eat out. 

And that's it. Just these 3 things. I've already started on one of them. 

I'm going to make 2015 an amazing year. 

I hope you'll do the same.

Happy New Year!