Simple, Simple, Simple

I've always heard the saying "Simple Sells" and here recently I'm really starting to understand it better.

As a developer my mind tends to over think and complicate things very easily. 

I had a great meeting with one of my mentors yesterday and his advice is something I should have been utilizing from the beginning.

Pencil and paper is your friend. 

Whatever it is that you're working on start writing or sketching your ideas on paper. Iterate. Do this as much as you can until you get down the the design or wording that you are happy with. 

I do this for any app that I build but that was it. I haven't been using this concept for any other project and that's been my mistake.

From now on any project that I tackle I will always start by getting all my ideas on paper first and then iterate until I reach a point I am happy with before developing or building.