Apple Pay

I've had the iPhone 6 Plus since it's release and I have finally used Apple Pay. 

This is what I have been waiting for. 

The device side experience is perfect. I held my phone near the card reader and Apple Pay kicked on. The Touch ID portion worked perfectly.

Here's the issue I had. The card reader is still behind.

The first part may be on both ends though. I paid with a debit card so I still had to enter the PIN on the card reader. No worries. I'm ok with that. But I still had to go through with all the remaining questions. Do you want cash? Do you want to all of this on the same card? Do you want X? Do you want Y?

Just let me pay and go!

There are still two other places in my town that accept Apple Pay. I'll try it out at both to see if I get the same questions or a faster experience.

Have you tried Apple Pay? What do you think? Have you had the same experience or better? I'd love to know! Leave a commit :)ppa