"Fe" "li" "na": Iron, lithium, sodium - Blood Meth and Tears

As we are approaching the final episode of Breaking Bad, I'd like to share my prediction. We are told the ending will be "unapologetic" and "perfect" and based on the series, what we usually expect to happen, the complete opposite will happen. 

Walt will live. Everyone, or almost everyone, will die.  

First, let's start off with what happened in the previous episode. Todd kills Andrea in front of Jesse.  

I do not expect Jesse will try to escape. Instead he will start looking for a weakness.  

Todd's weakness is Lydia and Jesse will discover this.  

I believe that during this time, there will be two shoot outs at the same place.  

Jesse will have Lydia as a hostage threatening to kill her, or just out right do it in front of Todd, which leave them to go head-to-head to the death. Jesse will kill Todd in the end.  

Outside Todd's Meth Lab, Walt will fight off Jack and his crew on his own.  

Now, before the shootout happens, I believe they will go after Skylar, Walt Jr., Holly, and Marie, which will all be taken as hostages, or killed. Some way Walt will discover this which causes him even more rage to win the shoot out, in which he will. 

In this scenario, Walt and Jesse still stand. Walt could kill Jesse, or he may let him live and go to Brock. I'm not sure how I feel that will turn out.  

So what about the ricin? I believe he'll use it to poison the last batch of meth he will ever cook (possibly with Jesse). 

Once that is out, he's going after the co-founders of Gray Matter. He will kill them, or somehow take over or take down Gray Matter.  

At the end, he'll be telling his story.  

Walt will be left, alone, destroying both empire's he created to suffer through his cancer by himself. 

As for Jesse, he may adopt Brock, he may die, he may be out on his own too, or he may even carry on the Heisenberg name.  

We'll find out in the next hour!