A new app and updated apps

With iOS 7 officially launching next week, I've been pretty busy with getting my apps updated and working on new ideas.  

I recently decided to build a premium version for one of my current apps, Pick Up Pic. The new app is called Pick Up Pic PRO. The new version includes more pick up lines, a "Line of the Day" feature, as well as editing features including changing fonts and colors. The design is also completely new. I went with a more "flat" design to go with the iOS 7 look and feel. I'll be updating the free version soon to have the new design. Here's a screen shot of the home page!


As for all Cup of Joe Show fans... both apps have been updated!!! Joe decided to rebrand the app as Joseph Birdsong. Each app has a new icon, new design, and a few fixes to the video section. Please check out the app here, and screen shots are below! 

Also, Joe now has a radio show! I'll be a guest on it this week actually! I'm really excited and can't wait to talk to some fans! Visit Joe's website to listen to the first episode! 

Please email me if you have any questions about any of my apps or just to say "Hey!".