Happy #iPhone Day!

 Today is one of my favorite days of the year. The day where I'm like a kid in a candy store. And my candy of choice, is the iPhone. So for your reading entertainment, here are the most recent rumors of what to expect at today's event! 

Two Models of the iPhone:  5C and 5S

We typically see just one new iPhone surface but this year could be very different. The largest rumor is that a "low" end model of the iPhone will be coming. This will be the iPhone 5C. The rumors around this phone is that it will have a plastic back to it and come in multiple color options. No word on processor, hard drive space, or price yet.  

The big upgrade to the current iPhone will be the iPhone 5S. I'll discuss the rumors around this phone separately. 

Fingerprint Sensor 

This is what I'm really excited to hear about. The new 5S may have an updated 'Home' button that is equipped with a Fingerprint Sensor. What excites me is the potential options around what can be done with this. The first of course, is no more 'swipe to unlock' but setting my finger print to unlock the phone. There has been a rumor of a "parental feature" or "limited feature", so let's say you let your son or daughter use your phone. Once they unlock it only certain apps are available. 

Champagne Color

I'm really curious to see the new colors coming to the iPhone. The rumor is the 5S will come in Black, Silver, and a new Champagne color. 

Storage Option Update? 

Could we see a 128 GB model? We'll find out today!  

More Screen Sizes

I have not heard much about this but I know many users want additional, larger screen sizes. I, personally, don't think we'll see a new screen size this time, but more than likely will next year.  

iOS 7 

We should be getting the official announcement when iOS 7 will be officially released for the iPhone and iPad.  

New iPad? 

I do not expect any news for the next generation iPad will be announced today. 


The first rumor was a new AppleTV may be released, but the latest rumors are that it will just be getting a software update.  


The smart watch is the new hot trend since the release of the Pebble. There have been rumors that Apple may be currently working on a smart watch and it could be announced at today's event. Personally, I don't think it will. Possibly later in the Fall before Christmas though.  


These are the hot rumor items I have seen! We'll find out everything today though! I've included the sources below. 







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