I've been pretty busy the past few months. I've slacked greatly on creating content and I'm tired of kicking myself about it.  

I posted my first article on Medium today. You can read it below :)  I'd love to know your thoughts on it. 

What I Learned From An Interview

An eye-opening experience.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing with Facebook.

Before I dive into that, let me provide some context about myself (seeing as this is my first post to Medium!). I am an entrepreneur living in Central Arkansas. My background is highly focused on mobile development. Since 2010 I have successfully developed and published 12 apps to the Apple App Store.

Being a college graduate, with a resume and portfolio published across the internet, I get a ton of emails and calls from recruiters. Most don’t seem to interest me enough, but one afternoon a private message on LinkedIn caught my eye.

I never thought my portfolio/background would catch the attention of Facebook, or any company as large as them. This was an opportunity I wasn’t going to pass up. I went through 2 series of calls with them, but unfortunately I did not make it to the next round.

So, what did I gain from this experience?

That I am hungrier than ever.

I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am today. Now, I need to not only work harder but also work smarter. The Startup ecosystem is growing in Arkansas and I want my legacy to be known. Sure, I’d love to live in San Francisco or New York City, but I’ll always be true to Arkansas. This is where I was raised. There’s a lot to be done here and many of my goal’s are for Arkansas.

What should you take from this?

Never pass up an opportunity that knocks on your door. Because whether you succeed or fail at it, you’ll gain a lot from it. You’ll start thinking in a different perspective of how much you want to win and/or what you want in life. Never stop thinking, never stop learning, never stop working. Now is the time to go all-in on what you are passionate about and what you are strongest at.

You never know… You may get a knock on your door from Facebook.