2013 Resolutions

I hope everyone's 2013 has started off amazing!  Everyone has been sharing their resolutions so here are mine!  I apologize for getting these out later than tradition requires but I wanted to put some strategic thought into this to make sure I can accomplish these this year.  Here they are:

  1. Produce More Content
    I was fairly quiet in 2012. I spent a lot of time working and listening. I have a better understanding of where I would like to take my content in 2013 and will focus on this strongly.  I'll start off small and see if I can work it up to weekly.  Expect to see content at least 2 to 3 times a week starting out.  I'll be talking about what I love and it can range from technology updates, movie reviews, app reviews, or just something that is on my mind.

  2. Build an iOS Game
    I love making apps!  The one style I haven't looked into yet is a game.  Not sure when this will happen but I want to get one iOS Game out this year.

  3. Buy a House
    I am getting married this year!  As much as I love my apartment, I think my fiance would prefer to get a house.  Hopefully we'll find our first home soon!

  4. Fit by the Wedding
    I used to work out regularly.  Because I live and breathe through my calendar, I feel if I can set up a new work out routine through that it'll force me to go.  I do need to get healthier.  I try to eat the best I can but I do need more exercise in my life and get away from the computer at times.

  5. Read One Book Per Month
    I have a number of books on my desk and some stored on my tablets.  I get so caught up in work I don't have time to read.  I want to make it a point to go through one book a month.

  6. Visit a new state
    I'm sure during the honeymoon we'll be visiting a new state or country.  Outside of this I want to visit a new state just because.  Either on a weekend getaway or at a conference.  Top of my list is New York right now. 

What are your 2013 resolutions?