The Customer Is ALWAYS Right

I don't think anyone can say this enough.  The customer is going to stay with the businesses that listen to them and ultimately care more about them than any other business has.  This can be a challenging task for any business.  You've got to put in the effort.  You've got to answer every email, every tweet, and every Facebook post.  You've got to be honest and transparent.  You've got to treat each customer like they are the most important person in your life.  Like they're your best friend. 

You also need to invest in your current customers.  If you spend all your time and money going after new customers you very well may lose sight of who your current customers are and not listen to what they may be asking from you.  You never know how your customers will effect your business in the future.  Word of mouth is so powerful today that it can change any business in a split second.  

For example, you may be running a Root Beer business and vlog about a new Root Beer every week.  Your customers start sharing these videos with their friends.  Right now the average Facebook user has 200 friends.  Just think of how quick you can scale if you have 1,000, or more, Facebook fans share this post.  But what if one of the friends of your fans also runs a Root Beer business?  Think of the potential partnership this could form just because of the good word of mouth on your brand. 

If you are going all in on your customers, out caring your competitors, listening to them and building relationships, you will win.  Period.